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Add some rustic charm to your home with this stunning Arrow Decor metal wall hanging. Made of durable 16-gauge steel, this piece is sure to stand the test of time. The arrow design is a timeless symbol of direction and purpose, making it a meaningful and stylish addition to any room. The piece has been expertly painted black, adding a touch of modern elegance to its rustic appeal. Whether you hang it in the living room, bedroom, or hallway, this arrow decor is sure to catch the eyes of all your guests.


Painted with durable satin black.

*Please contact me for other color options*

They have two small holes drilled on each end for hanging with small nails, etc.

Thumbtacks work but small wire nails with the heads painted black look best.

Sizes are listed below. The widths are approximate.

8" long x 1" wide
12" long x 1.5" wide
18" x 2" wide

24" x 2.8" wide
30" x 3.5" wide

36" x 4.5" wide


Carefully made in Wellington, Kansas

Arrow Decor / Metal Art / Wall Hanging / Home Decor / wall decor

Excluding Sales Tax
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